Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chalo Dilli

Synopsis: While on her way to Mumbai airport to board a plane to Delhi, a busy business executive, who employs over 600 employees, gets stuck in a traffic jam, and misses her flight. She blames her predicament on an auto-rickshaw passenger, Manu Gupta, and is appalled when the latter is her co-passenger on a budget-airline. The flight is diverted to Jaipur and with no flights available for several hours, she ends up sharing a rental car with Manu - but matters get even worse when the car breaks down, and both end up spending the night at a cockroach-ridden restaurant. At daybreak, she ends up having no luggage, no car, and forced to ride a camel-cart with Manu, who she cannot stand anymore. But things get even worse when she will find her money has been stolen; the duo will be arrested for traveling on a train without tickets; and end up hitching a ride from men who have just broken out of jail.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Herederos De Una Venganza Capitulo 60

Herederos De Una Venganza Capitulo 60 - Hello friends here we bring you the latest capitulo of their favorite soap opera Herederos De Una Venganza Capitulo 60 to be enjoyed  in the comfort of your home,  view it  online  at any  time only here in MyChoca | Capitulos Online.
This hisotria focuses on the inhabitants of Vidisterra, a small town devoted almost exclusively to growing grapes and producing wine. There exists a single winery that has all the vineyards and all jobs. Antonio Luciano Castro agronomist, arrives on the scene with the sole purpose of marriage with Angie, his girlfriend and sister of his dear friend, Federico Rafael Amador - whowant to to marry in the village where she was born . People who, paradoxically, will also see-and stage-to his untimely and mysterious death.

For everyone, it seems Vidisterra the ideal where all people find their place in the world to live and grow. Such is the case of Emilia Marcela Kloosterboer, daughter of Regina Piave Leonor Benedetto and family wine heiress. However, for Mercedes Romina Gaetani live in the village is living with a stigma, as newly released from prison-with the help of Martin Daniel Kuzniecka Sartre, "after a conviction that earned him the popular revolt. His brother Luke is Marco Antonio Caponi unconditional support while her mother muttered Delight Betiana Blum silence his unfortunate fate.
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